Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, oil on canvas, 16x20

untitled series, oil on canvas, 6x6, 5x11, 8x8, 6x9, 9x6, 6x5

Eyeliner and lipstick will only get you so far, acrylic on canvas, sausage, 5'2"x5'2"

Girl with a Pearl Earring, oil on canvas, 16x18

 Brush 'n Flush, oil on canvas 24x36

Mutation, acrylic on canvas, 12x15, 15x18

We Used to Dance, acrylic on canvas, 28x42, 16x24 

 Memory I, acrylic on canvas 28x32

detail, oil on canvas, 6x6

Alicia Dawn Criswell

 Memory II, acrylic on canvas 28x32

Untitled, oil on canvas, 14x18

 Sneak a Peak, oil on canvas 8x11